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Crafting Quality Software

This book is a curated collection of blog posts from the Qafoo Team Blog. Over the time we created many blog posts focussing on the topics of Clean Code, Object Oriented Design, Testing, Refactoring and Software Architecture. To make it easier for you to consume those blog posts we re-structured them and collected them in this book.

Crafting Quality Software – Gems From the Qafoo Blog

Many of the topics in this book are covered in our trainings and you can use this book as a guide after those trainings to read more about topics you particularly care about or topics not covered in your training – since we tailor our trainings to the concrete requirements each customer has.

If you take a training on-site your developers will receive a printed version of the book so they can look up all those topics even after the training.

Download PDF & EPub Version

You can also buy a printed version of the book on Amazon or on epubli.


The book contains what is also available in our blog, but in a way it is easier to consume for some audiences. The articles currently contained in the book are:

We will continuoulsy extend the book when new topics are published in our blog. We will keep you updated when a new version is available.