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To stand apart, with confidence in one's own beliefs, is one of the greatest challenges for an innovator. By providing inspiration, our expertise helps you fly further and faster.


The requirements for software change constantly and so does the software itself. We all strive to adapt our software to new requirements as fast as possible – no matter if those are business or technical requirements. We can help you getting Legacy Software into a state where development is fast and easy again. We can help you

Continuous & Automated Testing

Automated & continuous testing is essential to modern software development. It is known to drastically reduce the bugs in the produced software. On the other hand it is also well established that software defects cost a lot more the later they are fixed. Thus it is necessary to fix as many bugs bugs as early as possible which means that you should start testing your software now. We can help you

Performance & Load Tests

A slow web application does not only annoy your users but will immediately loose you money. It is well document now that users will just leave slow online shops. Even worse, search engines do rate slow website lower. Thus the performance of websites should be improved. We know how to test, analyze and improve the performance of oyur software. We can help you

Architecture Workshop

When scaling web applications and introducing new requirements their complexity increases. Most web applications do not run on a single web and database server any more but include multiple different systems. This may include micro services (PHP, Node.js, Go, …) but also search servers (Elastic Search, Solr, …), queue systems (RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, …) and databases optimized for certain use cases (Redis, CouchDB, MongoDB, …). We can help you

Object Oriented Design

To develop software which will last longer then a simple prototype we must ensure its extensibility, maintainability and testability. After all requirements will change over time and new features will always be added to software. We can help you

Continuous Integration & Delivery

In agile teams and a fast paced working environments maintaining always working software can a big challenge. But is also expected from software developers. Web application developers are expected to fix bugs and develop new features quickly while the software works and can be released to a global audience in minutes. How can we enable this? We can help you