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Learn to use JavaScript testing tools and techniques to inspect and raise software quality.

Quality Assurance in JavaScript Projects

This session is designed to help developers get started with JavaScript software testing tools and techniques to raise application quality and manage and reduce overall project risk.


Topics covered in this course block include:

  • Using distributed test frameworks for JavaScript

    • js-test-driver

  • Understanding problems with JavaScript unit testing

    • Different engines

    • Different browsers

  • Mocking, Stubbing and Spying

    • Simulating the flow of time

    • Decoupling AJAX applications from external data sources

    • Mocking XmlHttpRequests

  • Documenting JavaScript code

    • Generating API documentation

  • Extracting metrics from JavaScript code to determine problematic code paths

Length: 1.5 - 2 days


  • Basic HTML knowledge

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge

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