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Introduce unified build processes to reduce risk and control quality.

Build Processes and Continuous Integration

This session is designed to help developers and managers introduce a unified build process and Continuous Integration to reduce the time to market for new features and bug fixes, reduce project risk by avoiding errors in repetitive tasks, and continuously inspect and control software quality.


Topics covered in this course block include:

  • Evolution to a professional build pipeline

  • Designing a build process

  • Automating with Apache Ant

  • Integrating tools and build steps

  • Dependency resolution and external library usage

  • (Web) asset management

  • Environments and stages

  • Packaging and rollout

  • Continuous deployment

  • Optional: Practical exercises in creating a build process based on owned project/component or third-party code

Length: 0.5 - 1 days


  • In-depth PHP programming knowledge

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