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Like your software, your team's training needs are unique. Use the ideas below to create a training course that best fits your team's requirements, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our example topic blocks can be combined to create an optimal training session for your team. You can also contact us to arrange a fully custom program which fits your individual needs and covers key areas of concern in more depth.

Testing with PHPUnit

This workshop is designed to help developers get started with automated software testing to raise overall software quality, manage and reduce overall project risk, avoid recurring bugs and maintain durable software quality even in volatile project environments. Read more

Testing in Javascript

This session is designed to help developers get started with JavaScript software testing tools and techniques to raise application quality and manage and reduce overall project risk. Read more

Object Oriented Design in PHP

This session is designed to train developers create code that is more flexible to changing needs, more extensible, and easier to test. Read more

Modern JavaScript

This workshop is designed to give developers a crash course in new features of ECMAScript 5, to enable them to rapidly use these features in JavaScript-based applications. Read more

Design Patterns and Refactoring

This workshop is designed to give developers deeper insight into important design patterns of object-oriented programming and refactoring techniques to get to these patterns. Read more

Managing JavaScript Projects

This session is designed to help developers learn to manage internal and external dependencies and build complex JavaScript projects for development and production systems. Read more

Measure Quality with Metrics

This session is designed to help developers and managers learn to use software metrics to explore source code quality of owned or third-party code, detect critical code pieces, watch and control software quality in the long run and constantly improve code quality. Read more

Continuous Integration

This session is designed to help developers and managers introduce a unified build process and Continuous Integration to reduce the time to market for new features and bug fixes, reduce project risk by avoiding errors in repetitive tasks, and continuously inspect and control software quality. Read more

JavaScript Essentials

This session is designed to help developers understand fundamental language concepts and constructs in JavaScript, including functions, closures, prototypes and objects. It also covers best practices for JavaScript application development. Read more

Doctrine 2

This workshop will be an introduction into the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) Doctrine2. We will dive into the features of Doctrine in a hands-on workshop, building on a step-by-step tutorial to learn about the features of Doctrine and how they work internally. Read more

Symfony 2

This workshop is a crash course and helps you getting started with Symfony2 quickly. The Symfony2 ecosystem is introduced in depth starting from writing controllers, the lifecycle of a Symfony Request, DependencyInjeciton, Caching, Forms and Validation and best-practices. A practical part can be included to develop your first Symfony2 application. Read more

BDD with Behat

This workshop helps developers to get started with the process of behavior driven development (BDD) in PHP using the Behat toolkit in order to align technical testing with business expectations. Read more

Legacy Code

This workshop introduces techniques for testing and refactoring legacy code. Dealing with legacy code is a frequent task for developers. To reduce the risk of introducing new bugs while working on legacy code, learning the techniques is an essential ingredient to increasing productivity. Read more

The Evolving Web

This session is designed to help developers understand new Web technologies and concepts in HTML5 and CSS3, such as real-time communication, offline applications, dynamic graphics and hardware-acceleration animation. Read more

Best Practice Tool Chains

This session is designed to help developers and managers support high-quality software development by learning to use and deploy community-approved toolchains. Through the use of automation and best practices, managers can speed up development and reduce project risk by automating repetitive tasks to avoid errors. Read more