Qafoo GmbH - passion for software quality

Teamwork is the power behind exceptional achievements. At Qafoo, we stimulate your team's imagination and give them the knowledge they need to produce uncommon results.


Qafoo works closely with your development team to define a course plan. The process begins with dedicated discussions with individual stakeholders to determine training goals. Based on the information provided, Qafoo's experts will put together an individual schedule of topics to cover, incorporating individual aspects of the team, such as:

  • Team structure and development habits

  • Previous knowledge of training attendees (eg. through a preparation survey or personal discussions on-site)

  • Used (or planned) frameworks, libraries, tools

  • Source code developed by the team (eg. through a code review before or during the training)

Training sessions are designed to produce a positive benefit for trainees in their daily work. This is achieved through customized training material for theory sessions, combined with real-live practical examples and hands-on exercises.

Qafoo's customized training sessions provide the following benefits:

  • Fit the needs of a development team perfectly

  • Cover exactly the desired topics in the required depth

  • Actively cover real world problems faced by the team

  • Incorporate the projects the team is working on