Qafoo GmbH - passion for software quality

Innovation, combined with consistency and quality, produces amazing software. At Qafoo, we re-energize development teams by sparking innovation in process design.

Process Design


When designing new quality processes, the first step is to perform is an in-depth analysis of the current environment. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting and so, Qafoo's consulting team will visit you on-site in order to analyze existing processes in your project. We will help you to determine clear goals to be achieved, and to identify hot spots in your current project environment which must be tackled in order to raise software quality with minimum effort.

A Qafoo process analysis yields the current state of quality processes in your project, and also identifies spots that should be changed in order to enhance existing processes whilst allowing developers to innovate without restrictions. Qafoo will observe your project to draw its conclusions, and also engage in active discussion with your developers to obtain their views and feedback on the nature of quality processes within the team.

Once the quality environment has been analyzed, Qafoo will make recommendations for enhancements and future quality processes. This includes current processes which should be changed, and detailed information on the manner in which these changes can be achieved.

Qafoo’s experts understand that your team is your most important asset in creating high-quality software. However, your team is only as good as the tools they use and so, you will also receive a recommendation for a tool stack that supports your upcoming quality processes and integrates well with your technical infrastructure.

Qafoo's consultants will be available for discussions with you and your team in order to explain the recommendations and get developer and management buy-in on them. Qafoo’s experts will also be available to guide you further through the process and ensure the overall success of the process redesign project.