Qafoo GmbH - passion for software quality

Plant a seed, and it becomes a tree. Plant an idea, and it stimulates action, innovation and progress. By transferring knowledge, Qafoo unlocks the potential of your development team.


To build the best software, you need the best possible team. Our knowledge and expertise, coupled with community best practices and cutting-edge technology, can help you give your people the edge they need to produce amazing results.

Qafoo provides comprehensive training programs that give your development team the education they need to engineer high-quality PHP and Javascript software. Our goal is to provide you with the optimal seminar, aligned to your project and infrastructure, and to the needs of your team.

Take a look at our standard course blocks, or contact us to arrange a custom program which fits your individual needs and covers key areas of concern in more depth. Our custom programs are tailored to the skills and requirements of individual teams and based on real-world cases and scenarios.