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By Kore Nordmann, first published at Mon, 06 Dec 2010 11:58:59 +0100

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20% discount for OOP/OOD trainings in january

The year is almost over, for many people time to reflect the past and plan for the future. If you wanted to please your developers and enhance your development for 2011, how about a customized training to boost your powers? Qafoo offers you a 3 days training (German or English) on good object oriented design and object oriented programming in PHP, customized to your companies very personal needs, with 20% discount in January!

Skills in object oriented programming (OOP) and object oriented design (OOD) are essential for every professional programmer, in order to create maintainable, reliable and powerful programs. This obviously applies to professional PHP developers, too! The Qafoo experts have in-depth knowledge in these areas and can help your development team to reach these goals through a professional, practical training. We do not just give you a standard seminar, but provide you with a personal workshop, which we customize to your individual needs and which involves your project code base, if desired.

Just contact us for your individual training offer.

To give you the best possible start into the new year, we want to provide you special conditions for your personal PHP OOD/OOP training in January: If you book a 3 or more days training for January before the end of December, you get 20% discount!

So, what can you expect from such a training? Find an example schedule below. Of course, we will adjust this schedule to your companies individual needs.

Day 1 - Object oriented programming in PHP

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We will recap the basics of object oriented programming in PHP. This involves theoretical and practical knowledge about

  • Classes

  • Objects

  • Methods, attributes and scope

  • Inheritance and interface

  • Namespaces

  • OOP specialties in PHP

Of course, these topics can be adjusted to the individual needs of your development team, depending on their state of knowledge.

In order to internalize these concepts, the attendees will do practical programming, supported by the trainer. This can either work on basis of an example application or on your own project code base.

Day 2 - Object oriented design

We customize every training to our customers dedicated needs. Just get in touch to discuss it with us.

After the basics of object oriented programming have been internalized during day one, the second day concentrates on the principles of object oriented design. The attendees will learn theoretical aspects of this topic (e.g. SOLID) and how to realize these concepts in PHP applications. Furthermore, we will discuss important patterns, like

  • Model-View-Controller (and its realizations in web environments)

  • Data persistence patterns

  • Signals / Slots vs. Subject / Observer

It is of course not possible to cover all these aspects within a single training day. Therefore, we will get into a dialog with you beforehand to optimally adjust these topics to your needs. There is also the possibility to extend the training by another day, in order to get these topics more in depth.

Of course, there will be practical training during the day too, allowing your team to gather practical experience in working with the selected concepts. This practical part can again happen either on your own project code base or an example application provided by our trainer.

Day 3 - Testing and debugging

Qafoo also offers you technical support for open source tools like PHPMD, Arbit and Apache Zeta Components.

Automated tests, especially unit tests, are an important tool to raise the stability, maintainability and reliability of your applications. Therefore, the 3rd day can concentrate on this topic, if you desire. We will give your team an broad entry into unit testing on basis of PHPUnit or concentrate on specialties like

  • Writing testable code

  • Refactoring on basis of tests

  • Mocks, stubs and spies

  • Testing of untestable code

  • Database testing and how to ship around it

  • Extending PHPUnit

Since testing is tightly coupled with the topic of debugging, we can integrate strategies and tools for debugging into this day. For example

  • Debugging code

  • Using XDebug for efficient debugging - Daily enhancements - Function call traces - Debugging GUIs

  • Performance profiling

Of course, day three will not be theory pure. We can again integrate your project source code, teach your team how to do testing on its basis, or we use example code where your developers can train their testing skills.

Further topics

Do you need expert on-site consulting? Qafoo experts are available for you!

The schedule shown above is, as said, only an example. We will discuss the training plan with you in detail and adjust it to your personal needs. Further topics that might be of your interest are:

  • Static code analysis using software metrics

  • Continuous integration and improvement

  • Development on basis of Apache Zeta Components

  • CouchDB and PHP

The offer from above is only valid if your personal training consists of at least 2 days OOP/OOD training and a third day which can be shaped completely individual.

Download our free e-book "Crafting Quality Software" with a selection of the finest blog posts as PDF or EPub.

Crafting Quality Software

You can also buy a printed version of the book on Amazon or on epubli.

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