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Understand the evolution of Web technologies, with special focus on HTML5, CSS3 and backwards-compatibility approaches.

The Evolving Web

This session is designed to help developers understand new Web technologies and concepts in HTML5 and CSS3, such as real-time communication, offline applications, dynamic graphics and hardware-acceleration animation.


Topics covered in this course block include:

  • HTML5 concepts

    • Real-time communication

      • Websockets

      • WebRtc

    • Dynamic graphics

      • WebGL

      • Canvas

      • SVG

    • Offline applications/storages

      • Localstorage

      • Manifests

    • File handling

      • File API

      • Drag'n'Drop

    • Dynamic audio

    • Geolocation

  • Advanced CSS3 Techniques

    • Hardware-accelerated animation

    • New selectors

    • New properties

  • Backwards compatibility

    • Feature detection

    • Progressive enhancement / Seamless degradation

Length: 1-2 days


  • Basic HTML knowledge

  • Basic JavaScript knowledge

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