Qafoo GmbH - passion for software quality

Writing software is easy. Writing software that is engineered to withstand unexpected occurrences and unplanned events is harder. Qafoo can teach you how.

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Qafoo has deep insight into what makes a software project successful, and it can provide you with the inspiration and knowledge you need to ensure a high-quality result.

Concept Reviews

It is said that open source works well because of the "thousand eyes principle": the greater the number of people who review a concept, the more secure and stable it can be considered. Qafoo helps you apply this principle to your projects.

Qafoo's experts will review your concept drafts, planning documents and design documents to provide you with an independent perspective and fresh inspiration on your plans. This allows you to safeguard your team and your project against unpredictable issues and ensure the success of your project.

Among others, Qafoo's team can review and provide insight and recommendations on the following documents:

  • Requirements engineering

  • Architecture planning

  • Object oriented design specifications

Engineering Support

The success or failure of a software projects often hinges on critical technical decisions. Whether it is the framework to base the software upon, or the design for a critical new component, Qafoo can serve as a competent technical partner to collaborate with in important decisions.

Qafoo's independent consultants will analyze your situation, identify important facts that you might have overlooked so far and provide recommendations on critical architecture, design and implementation decisions. Qafoo will also recommend external building blocks, components and third party tools, that will increase the speed of your development effort, reduce the probability of software flaws, and provide you with a solid basis for project planning and risk management.