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Sharing knowledge is one of the most enduring tenets of open source. Qafoo's founders actively contribute knowledge back to the community through presentations and talks.

International PHP Conference

Escaping the Legacy Hell

Legacy code is something every developer has to work on almost full time. But how can we escape the legacy hell? We will show how side effects in existing applications can be reduced and how we can refactor code, so that it will be testable. This can even be accomplished without breaking the full application. And the testable and maintainable code resulting from the refactorings can reduce the time to bugfix and feature significantly.

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Automated testing is a complex to learn topic. But once you have it in place for everyday work, it gains your team a tremendous boost in productivity, code quality and customer satisfaction. Qafoo experts can safeguard and speed up your way to this destination with an indiviual training on automated testing.

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