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By Kore Nordmann, first published at Wed, 14 Nov 2012 09:25:00 +0100

Benjamin Eberlei joins Qafoo

Qafoo Expert Benjamin EberleiQafoo Expert Benjamin Eberlei

Today we are happy to announce that Benjamin Eberlei will join the Qafoo family as a consultant and trainer in the beginning of 2013. Benjamin is lead developer of the Doctrine project, part of the Symfony 2 community, well known speaker and trainer. Beside that, he is an expert in software architecture and design, especially in the area of business logic modelling.

You can already make appointments to get Benjamin on-site for expert consulting or an individual training in 2013!

With his addition to the team we can continue to grow our business on helping people to create high quality web applications. Our team of experts now counts five people and we will continue to expand our team in the future to serve the increasing demand for our services from customers.

Besides knowledge on topics of software development, quality assurance and testing, Benjamin adds further expert knowledge to our portfolio that we are excited to offer our customers:

  • Specialized consulting for applications using Doctrine, Symfony 2 and more components from the surrounding ecosystem, ranging from architecture over design to development.

  • This of course also includes training courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced classes for these technologies.

  • Detailed knowledge about various SQL and NoSQL database technologies.

  • Several years of experience with Software Architecture patterns like Domain Driven Design, Entity-Boundary-Interaction and Command-Query Responsibility Segregation and more.

We are extremely excited and looking forward to working with Benjamin from January 2013 on. Feel free to contact us already to make training and consulting appointments with him.

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