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By Kore Nordmann, first published at Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:52:24 +0100

The PHP collective

Together with dmr solutions we are proud to offer you two training days in Germany on the 25. and 26. January. The training will cover object-oriented concepts and design and test-driven development basics. It will also provide you with the necessary knowledge to build and handle object-oriented, modular, maintainable and extensible PHP based web applications.

For only 499,- € you get 2 days of training, including hands-on workshops to practice the theory. The training will be in German. Find more information on the German website, or you can book directly at

The schedule in more detail, which can also be found on the website.

Das PHP-KollektivDas PHP-Kollektiv

25. January 2011

Object-Oriented Modelling with PHP

  • Recap and OOP basics

  • Fundamentals of object-oriented Design

  • Introduction to test-Driven-Development


  • Design of a service or library

  • Test driven implementation of the service / library

26. January 2011

Application development with PHP

  • Patterns and their application

    • Constructional Patterns

    • Behavioural Patterns

    • Persistance patterns overview

  • MVC in the web

    • Why and how?

    • Practical explanation on basis of Zeta MvcTools

    • Allows people to understand how MVC should work


  • Refactoring of an existing application based on the learned

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