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By Kore Nordmann, first published at Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:18:21 +0200

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Crafting Quality Software

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Welcome to Qafoo!

Hi and welcome to Qafoo! We just brought up our website and would like to announce this hereby. That said, be warned, the website is still beta, so things are likely to change in the upcoming weeks. If you have any feedback, regarding design, content or anything else, please let us know immediately via a comment on this post. So, who is Qafoo and what do we do?

What we do

So, what is Qafoo and what do we do? Qafoo is a just starting up GmbH (like a LLC), which has taken the mission to bring quality to your PHP software. We provide multifarious services to help you with building higher quality PHP software in order to increase your return on investment (ROI), ease your project management and raise your developers motivation.

Qafoo experts can give your crew an individual training on a variety of software quality related topic. This ranges from proper requirements analysis over high quality object oriented programming techniques to testing and continuous integration. You decide which topics are most important for you and how much you want to invest into which topic. Find out more on the Qafoo training page or directly contact Qafoo to discuss your individual training setup.

If you need short term expert consulting regarding software quality related issues, Qafoo professional consultants will come around and help in word and deed. You want to implement software quality process or enhance your existing ones? You need immediate decision support? You want to have your requirements, architecture or design documents reviewed by an independent expert? Do not hesitate to let us know or go ahead to the Qafoo quality consulting page, in order to get more information.

As a company of open source enthusiasts, Qafoo contributes to and leads a range of software quality related open source tools. Examples are Arbit, the next generation project tracking tool, phpUnderControl, dedicated to continuous integration for PHP projects, and Zeta Components, the high-quality PHP component library formally known as eZ Components. Now, you can also buy professional support for these tools, in order to get issues fixed and technical questions answered blazingly fast. We provide two different support models for your flexibility: A classical mid-term support contract, as well as an incident based support model, where you are not bound to a contract. Details about our SLAs can be found on the Qafoo support page and the list of our supported tools.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Who we are

Now you know what Qafoo does, so who are we? Qafoo is a network of well-known PHP and software quality experts, who started to found a company together. Maybe you already know us: Kore Nordmann is the inventor of Image_3D in PEAR, a 3D rendering and raytracing library for PHP, and Arbit. Manuel Pichler is the PHP guru of software metrics and static code analysis, he for example founded phpUnderControl, PHPMD and PHP_Depend. Finally, there is Tobias Schlitt, who has been a long term member of the PEAR project and has been actively involved in the eZ Components project from its very start.

We are Qafoo and our goal is your software quality! Want to know more about us? Check our websites or the Qafoo team page.

Download our free e-book "Crafting Quality Software" with a selection of the finest blog posts as PDF or EPub.

Crafting Quality Software

You can also buy a printed version of the book on Amazon or on epubli.

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